A media platform can boost your business

Financial advisors, a media platform can boost your business

I heard good things about Qwoted, a platform that connects reporters with sources, from some writer friends. So, I asked the firm for a guest post on how advisors can benefit from such platforms, which also include HARO and ProfNet. The post below by Madelynne Kislovsky, Qwoted’s deputy editor and marketing manager, is the result. […]

Fewer subordinates, please

Fewer subordinates, please

Long subordinate clauses can sap the power of your writing. Make your writing easier to read by moving those long clauses from the beginnings to the ends of your sentences.

Mistake Monday

MISTAKE MONDAY for November 30: Can YOU spot what’s wrong?

Can you spot what’s wrong in the image below? Please post your answer as a comment. This should have been easy to catch. The problem leaped out at me. Oh well, if you ever get the chance to take this workshop with Maureen Stanton, she does a nice job. I’m looking forward to reading her […]

exclamation points

Go easy on screamers!

Limit your use of exclamation points in your formal business writing. Exclamation points may work better in texts and emails, where you should tailor your use to the recipient.

Increase the sonic force of your writing

Increase the sonic force of your writing

Sentences that sound better are likely to read better. Improve their sound by increase their sonic force. Using shorter words and more vowel sounds will increase sonic force, says author Joe Moran.