Dan Ariely says disclosure may hurt investors: Report from his #CFA2010 talk — #CFA2010

Most investment professionals, including CFA charterholders, figure that more disclosure about financial advisors’ conflicts of interest will help investors.

Not so, said Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational, to the CFA Institute’s annual conference on May 16. In fact, disclosure may not improve investors’ decisions.

Two countervailing forces apply when a financial advisor reveals conflicts of interest, said Ariely.

Let’s assume the financial advisor tells a client that he’ll receive a higher payment if the client chooses Fund A over Fund B.

On the one hand, the client will tend to discount the advisor’s opinion because of the potential bias, said Ariely. On the other hand, the advisor will feel freer to push Fund A because he has revealed his conflict. Ariely believes that this second force will overwhelm the client’s discounting of the advisor’s opinion. As a result, investors end up no better off despite disclosures. 

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