Poll: Which should investors fear more? Which #CFA2010 speakers were right?

CFA Institute Annual Conference speakers raised many concerns about the future during the conference, which ran from May 16 to May 19 in Boston. But they didn’t always agree with one another. Their mixed opinions inspired this month’s poll.

Which do you fear more? 
* Inflation or deflation? 
* Continued fiscal stimulus or spending cuts to focus on deficit reduction?

Please answer the poll in the right-hand column of this blog. I’ll report on the results in the July issue of my e-newsletter.

For a sampling of the mixed opinions, see
* Memo from Van Hoisington: Inflation Won’t Be a Problem for Some Time to Come on the CFA Institute’s conference blog
* Why Niall Ferguson’s Forbidden FT Headline is the Key to Understanding Sovereign Risk on the CFA Institute’s conference blog
* Harvard Professor Kenneth Rogoff Offers a Historical Perspective on Financial Crises on the CFA Institute’s conference blog
* R Koo, “Lessons from Japan: Fighting a Balance Sheet Recession”
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