Do the robin, the reindeer, and the building sing the same song?

Your title, headings, and topics should all send the same message when you write a financial blog post, article, or white paper. I think of this metaphorically as “singing the same song.”

The sign that you in the photo made me think about the importance of “singing the same song.” Looking at the photo, can you tell what kind of business is represented? No?

Based solely on the sign saying “The Golden Robin” and the inflatable reindeer, I would never in a million years have guessed that this is a farm stand. Plus, a reindeer was out of season in August, when my husband took this photo on a bicycle ride.

Inspired by this mismatched image, here are some suggestions to help your writing sing:

1. It’s okay to get cute with your titles, but quickly address your real topic. After teasing you with my title, I got down to business in my first paragraph.

2. Use headings that sum up your main point.

3. Your title, headings, and content should all support your main argument. I could have blathered on about a better name for the farm or a bigger sign. But I chose instead to get to my lesson for writers.

P.S. If you enjoy bicycling, I recommend Westport, Mass., where this photo was taken. It’s very scenic. Plus, it’s nice to cool off at Horseneck Beach after a summer ride.


Note: edited on 12/11/20.