Effective writing and blogging is faster with a plan

Effective writing takes time. This is true even for short pieces such as blog posts. So don’t beat yourself up if you feel as if you’re rowing upstream instead of kicking up wake as you speed ahead.

It took me slightly less than an hour to type, input, and proofread Poll: “Investable” or “investible”–which spelling is correct?” my Sept. 7 blog post. That’s fast. At least for me.

I was able to write this quickly because I had a plan, which included:

  1. Clearly defining my topic as “Which spelling is correct?”
  2. Knowing where I’d do my research–I would pull references off my bookcase and do Google searches
  3. Having a structure in mind: First, the case for one spelling, then the case for the other spelling, and finally asking for readers’ opinions–This structure would work no matter what my research showed

These tips also helped me to create 31 posts for my May 2010 Blogathon. I posted daily to my blog for an entire month, including a 10-day vacation.

What plan do YOU use to speed up your writing or blogging? If you lack a plan, then sign up for “How to Write Blog Posts People Will Read.” You’ll learn a powerful process for writing blog posts.