Financial ad in plain English: Another one from BNY Mellon

Financial ads that speak plain English are unusual, so I was delighted to find another example from BNY Mellon in the July/August issue of the CFA Institute’s magazine. This ad does an even better job than the ad I discussed in “BNY Mellon: I liked your ‘truth ad’ until you used that word.”

Here’s the text that opens the ad for BNY Mellon Asset Servicing.

“Our tools measure performance, monitor exposure, and analyze risk. You get all the glory.”

The text is jargon-free. Plus it appeals to readers’ interest in promoting their careers. It’s a nice combination. The rest of the text is also free of jargon.

How do YOUR written materials measure up?

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  1. Deborah S. Bosley
    Deborah S. Bosley says:

    Susan, I thought you might be interested in a blog I write for the Center for Plain Language ( You can read it on the Center’s website. Thanks for quoting me on your blog. Deborah

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