Get angry to blog

“Get angry” when you want to be creative, says John Hegarty in Hegarty on Creativity: There Are No Rules. Hegarty is a founder of an ad agency.

Hegarty points to Picasso’s Guernica as an example of how anger can fuel creativity and big accomplishments. He says

When Picasso painted Guernica, one of his most famous works, I don’t think he was whistling happily to himself. No, he was angry. Outraged at the Nazis and Italian Fascists who had bombed this defenseless Spanish town, killing thousands of people.

Anger can fuel compelling blog posts.

For example, do you see individual investors buying things they don’t understand or taking an approach of “buy high, sell low” instead of the more logical opposite approach? Channel your anger into a blog posts that educate readers! Use stories to show them why some strategies don’t work. Explain the steps that make more sense.

You can move readers toward achieving their financial goals as you relieve the tension that you feel from watching them take moves that undercut their achieving their goals. That’s a win-win situation.