Help your guest blogger and your reputation as a comment-friendly blog

If someone comments on a guest post on your blog, how do you handle it? To keep your reputation as a reader-friendly blog, don’t make a response the sole responsibility of your guest. A comment that languishes unacknowledged will disappoint your readers.

As a host to guest bloggers, here’s what I do when someone comments on an Investment Writing post by someone other than me:

  • I thank the commenter and add a comment on his or her comment if possible
  • I email my guest writer, so he or she can respond

When I’m a guest blogger, I want to be notified about comments on my pieces. I don’t know how to subscribe to comments without leaving a comment myself. That’s why I might leave a “Thank you” for my host.

If you have suggestions about how to manage this situation, please let me know.

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