Best practices for institutional asset manager websites–Can you add anything?

Best practices for institutional asset manager websites don’t get as much attention as retail sites in the blogosphere. So I’m asking all you seasoned institutional marketing experts to help compile a list of best practices.

In this post, designer Margaret Patterson offers tips on firm-specific information, educational content, and search optimization for institutional investment management websites. Read on for the details of Patterson’s suggestions.

Firm-specific content

In addition to the basics, include the following, suggests Patterson:

  1. A complete “Executive Experience” organization chart, clearly featuring all analysts and their areas of expertise
  2. A client list, but only after getting permission from each of them
  3. Use each search optimization word or phrase at least twice somewhere in your website.

Educational content

Small institutional investors appreciate education, says Patterson. For example, a glossary of terms and analytical definitions, such as free cash flow, operating cash flow, etc.

Here are more of Patterson’s content recommendations:

  1. Downloadable white papers are a big draw. For example, “Actively Managing Bonds vs. Laddering: Pros and Cons.”
  2. Consider offering email market and industry commentaries PDF files.  Google searches favor sites that have been recently altered. Regularly adding new documents improves the odds that Google will lead potential investors to your site.

Special content for special targets

Provide a page or two of content for institutional consultants, suggests Patterson. “For example, a liability-driven approach or exceptional reporting capabilities, when applicable, are music to their ears. I push service, service, service when consultants are among those being pitched.”

If you have questions for Patterson, you can email her at

Please help add to this list.

Use the “comment” section below or email your suggestions for best practices to

5 replies
  1. tom brakke
    tom brakke says:

    Most firms aren’t very good at differentiating themselves. One site (or whitepaper or pitch book) reads much like another, yet I’m most interested in finding a firm with a unique investment process. Tell me something other than what every other firm tells me (and back it up with action).

  2. Susan Weiner CFA
    Susan Weiner CFA says:

    Thanks, Tom. I agree that differentiation is a key challenge. On the other hand, I imagine that firms that don’t fit in consultants’ boxes have a hard time attracting clients.

  3. Margaret Patterson
    Margaret Patterson says:

    Tom is absolutely on target. An asset management team’s philosophy, investment process and portfolio characteristics may not clarify competitive edge. Industry experience and investment style expertise can be the most important pages in a presentation book and web site.

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