Mistake Monday

MISTAKE MONDAY for April 27: Can YOU spot what’s wrong?

Can you spot what’s wrong in the image below? Please post your answer as a comment. I had to read this a couple times before I spotted the reason why I selected this item for Mistake Monday.

MM double single quotea












I post these challenges to raise awareness of the importance of proofreading.

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  1. Garrison Cox
    Garrison Cox says:

    Hmm. I’m a heavy punctuator, so I would put a comma after “Unfortunately.”

    You also mixed passive voice in the first clause with active voice in the second; I would have said, “Unfortunately, there is no way you can prevent …” or even “Unfortunately, you can’t prevent …” for stronger parallelism between clauses.

    Finally, I always prefer “but” over “however” in constructions like this to improve readability, saving “however” for phrases like “however you look at it, …” So I would replace “organization; however, you …” with “organization, but….”

  2. Susan Weiner, CFA
    Susan Weiner, CFA says:


    Thanks! I like your edits.

    There is another outright punctuation mistake that is hard to notice. I actually had to check my notes to remind myself of what had drawn me to screenshot this text.

    • Susan Weiner, CFA
      Susan Weiner, CFA says:


      Thank you! That’s the mistake that I was targeting because there’s no possible way to justify this use of double quotes inside double quotes. On the other hand, I’m sure I’ve made this mistake myself as I went through multiple rounds of edits and tinkering with wording.


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