Social media lessons from my last singles dance

The last singles dance I attended taught me a lesson that has served me well with social media. The lesson? Don’t always trust your gut reaction.

My wedding picture, taken in the room where I met my husband at a singles dance

The cute man whom I glimpsed across the dance floor at Boston’s Parker House Hotel looked way too young for me, so I mentally crossed him off my list. There was no sense in trying to catch his eye.

However, I said yes when he asked me to dance and again when he invited me to escape the overcrowded room for a drink in Parker’s Bar. He seemed nervous over drinks – not the suave smooth-talker of my dreams. But we started dating, and he grew on me. Earlier this year we celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

How does this story relate to social media?

I didn’t like social media at first. Twitter, especially, struck me as stupid. But I gave social media a chance. Just like I gave that young man a chance. Now I appreciate my many relationships fostered by social media.

Give social media a chance. You may find more positives than you expect.

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  1. Pat Allen
    Pat Allen says:

    Loved this post, Susan! In social media as in relationships, you never really know where you’re going. And yet, there’s something that keeps you at it. Love it!

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