Reader challenge: What mistakes did this social media newbie make?

“I tried social media for more than a year, but I didn’t get any results. So I quit.” This is what one advisor told me when we chatted at a conference. The advisor said he had robust content, including a blog. Also, after listening to the FPA Experience panel, he wondered if he should shift from tweeting financial content to tweeting his dining choices and yoga classes.

What do YOU think?

I realize you lack sufficient details to analyze this advisor’s situation — me too, I don’t even know his first name — but if you spend much time on social media, you probably know the kind of mistakes that advisors make.

What would you suggest this advisor try before abandoning social media forever?

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  1. Sandi Martin
    Sandi Martin says:

    I’m going to bet he didn’t spend much time reading and genuinely interacting with other folks online, and instead followed the classic “tweet links and they will come” strategy.

    Being interested in other people is a great way to get other people interested in you, especially if you push “getting other people interested in you” as a goal way down your mental list of desired outcomes, leaving “being interested in other people” at the top.

  2. Manasa Nadig
    Manasa Nadig says:

    I would think this newbie writer needed to make real connections on social media. Is there really a ROI on time spent on social media? Would love to know if there was.

  3. Susan Weiner CFA
    Susan Weiner CFA says:

    Sandi and Manasa,I agree that the newbie needed to connect with other people by interacting with them. That’s how I’ve built relationships that have led to business and learning valuable information.

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