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Perennially popular posts and top posts from the fourth quarter 2013

Some posts are perennial favorites on my blog. You’ll find a partial list below, based on traffic in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Perennial favorites

Looking at the list, it seems that most of their traffic comes from Google searches. “Ideal quarterly investment letters” is probably an exception because I share this post often.

  1. Poll: “Investable” or “investible”–which spelling is correct?
  2. Reader question: How can I become a freelance financial writer?
  3. Reader question: Writing resources for equity research analysts?
  4. Singular or plural–which is right for $5 million?
  5. Ideal quarterly investment letters: Meaningful, specific, and short <–This is one of my favorite posts
  6. Career strategies for wealth managers without a “book of business” <–I hope this post helps some job hunters
  7. Reader question: How can I ask clients to follow me to a new firm?


Fourth quarter 2013 top posts

Here’s a sampling of my most popular blog posts published during the fourth quarter of 2013. Yes, I know that was a long time ago. I’m just catching up.

  1. 6 lessons from my book writing experience <–Read this if you’re thinking about writing a book!
  2. Make an email sandwich for introverts
  3. Ammo for your plain-language battle with compliance
  4. Q&A with Michael Kitces of Nerd’s Eye View
  5. Q&A format for articles: Good or bad? <–This article attracted more eyeballs than is apparent from these statistics because it was also published on

It seems ironic that my blog post questioning the value of the Q&A is followed by the first in my Q&A series with advisors who blog. However, you’ll notice that I keep the Q&As short and I edit them. Readers’ response has been encouraging.