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Top posts from 2017’s fourth quarter

Top posts on InvestmentWriting.comCheck out my top posts from the last quarter!

They’re a mix of practical tips on grammar (#1), writing (#2, #9, #10), investment commentary (#3), client communication (#4 & #5), newsletters (#6), and blogging (#7, #8).

Post #1 sparked a lot of reader feedback when it headlined one of my monthly newsletters. My readers tend to care about topics like this.

I’m surprised that #4 made it on the top posts lists. Published late in December, it got a strong response from readers.

If you’re a blogger, check out #7 and #8, along with my financial blogging class.

My posts that attracted the most views during 2017’s fourth quarter

  1. Shall vs. will—which is best?
  2. My 2017 reading with book recommendations for you
  3. Bond market commentary rewrite
  4. Writing about the new tax legislation in your client letters
  5. Communicate with your clients about their legacy—This post features advice from Kathleen Burns Kingsbury
  6. Canned newsletters can hurt your marketing
  7. Blog post headings vs. no headings for your financial blog
  8. 4 financial blog post ideas from a writing teacher
  9. Don’t wait for perfection
  10. Red tulip writing exercise

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