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Top posts from the fourth quarter of 2015

Check out my top blog posts from the last quarter! They’re a mix of practical tips on writing (#1, 7, 9), blogging (#2), investment commentary (#3, 6), marketing (#4, 5), social media (#8), and email Top posts on

The top three posts benefited from being recommended by other websites.

  1. Donald Trump, grade level, and your financial writing—I was thrilled that Barron’s “Up and Down Wall Street” column quoted from this post with a link to my website. This is a post that I felt passionately about. When I read The Boston Globe‘s article about the presidential candidates’ communication styles, I thought “I must blog about this.”
  2. Blogging the mistakes your clients make—“For all those financial advisors struggling to figure out what to write about on their company blog, Weiner offers up a offers up a remarkably simple and straightforward approach,” says Michael Kitces about this post.
  3. Investment commentary numbers: How to get them right—this post was inspired by trying to help a client think about how to improve his company’s proofreading process. Synthesis Technology interviewed me about this post on the firm’s blog.
  4. Improve your speeches and deepen your family ties
  5. “High net worth” in your financial marketing
  6. Portfolio performance commentary’s basic components
  7. Writing tip: Make your sentences more powerful!—this is a short video.
  8. Hey, loser, quit @ naming people to promote yourself—this post resonated with my Twitter followers who’ve experienced the same annoying phenomenon.
  9. Writing tip: Kill the ST words!
  10. 3 ways to make your emails mobile-friendly

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