Content Inc by Joe Pulizzi

What’s your financial blogging sweet spot?

How can you find the “sweet spot” for your financial blog? It’s worth seeking, as I explain below. Sweet spot as starting point Let’s start with the definition of sweet spot in Joe Pulizzi’s Content Inc: How Entrepreneurs Use Content To Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses. A sweet spot is the intersection […]


Financial ads and we vs. you

“We are great. Hire us.” That’s the gist of many financial ads that I see. They could be for a small financial planning firm, a wealth manager, or even an institutional money manager. Emphasizing “we” and “us” isn’t the way to go. If you’ve attended any of my writing presentations, you know I’m a big […]

Blogging mistakes your clients make turns a wrong into a right

Blogging the mistakes your clients make

Looking for something to blog about—and an easy way to organize your post? Find inspiration for blog posts in “The Mistakes Charitable Startups Make,” a Wall Street Journal article that’s called “Starting a Charity? Here’s What To Do, and What Not To Do” in the online edition. Blogging mistakes effectively: Copy the formula Here’s the […]

no more ST words

Writing tip: Kill the ST words!

Looking for an easy tweak to simplify your firm’s writing? If your audience is American, stop using three prepositions: “amidst,” “amongst,” and “whilst.” Substitute “amid,” “among,” and while.” Why bother making such a small change? It will speed your reader’s progress through your writing. These words ending in -st are viewed as archaic in American […]