4 reasons learning to blog helps CFA charterholders

CFA candidates and charterholders have great quantitative and analytical skills, so why should they care about learning to blog? The ability to write a great blog post matters because good writing skills will carry you far in your career—and life in general. There are four reasons that learning to blog helps CFA charterholders at all […]

Personalized subject line can backfire in emails

Personalized subject lines can backfire in emails

A good personalized subject line can boost your results. But mess up the personalization, and you’ll lose. It’s great to tweak your email subject line to appeal to a specific recipient. For example, if you know the recipient’s hot button, include it in the subject line. Another approach is to name the person or their […]

5 ways blog posts are like tulips

I love tulips. But for years I didn’t grow any because my backyard squirrels dug them up and ate them. I finally figured out that my front yard was a safe place for tulips, so I planted some. As a result, when a writing exercise suggested thinking about red tulips, I was interested. The red […]

fighting for proper usage

When do you push proper usage on your writing clients?

Some battles over proper usage in writing are worth fighting. Others are not. When should you push your clients on proper usage? If you write or edit for investment, wealth management, or other financial services firms, you’re likely to grapple with this question. By the way, when I say “usage,” I refer to a host […]

Financial PR opportunities for professionals–and they’re free

Everybody likes to get something for free. That includes free financial PR opportunities suitable for financial advisors and other financial professionals. Your first stop in looking for free PR should be the professional associations that you belong to. Back when I reported for trade publications, I relied heavily on those associations to find me experts […]