3Cs of investment commentary InvestmentWriting

Amp up your writing with investment commentary top posts

Investment commentary is a focus of my writing, editing, and teaching. To help people get a quick idea of what’s most important about writing investment commentary, I’m sharing my investment commentary top posts. Click on the headings to read the posts that I’ve selected. If you’d like to read more of my classic investment commentary […]

Susan's Crystal profile shows the benefit of social media for introverts

I’m no extrovert, but I play one on social media and so can you

Social media works—especially for introverts. It works for me. It can work for you, too. What a public presence says about an introvert I thought about this when I saw my profile on Crystal, which says it can assess people’s personalities on the basis of their social media posts and other publicly available information that […]


5 rules for using quotes in investment commentary

Smart investment commentary writers are willing to learn from others. That’s why I was delighted when Rob Martorana shared the thoughts below in response to my post, “Should you use quotes like Bill Gross?” His rules about using quotes deserve wider circulation. By the way, this blog post is a testament to the power of […]

disclose affiliate links

Are your affiliate links in compliance?

Did you know that if you use affiliate links on your blog or website, you should disclose that? Your affiliate links could be something as simple as an Amazon affiliate link to a book that you like and recommend? Basically, an affiliate link is like an advertisement and should be labeled to make that clear. […]


Email and the mystery of the missing agreement

“Where’s my contract?” A friend’s question about his missing contract inspired this post about the value of structuring your emails properly. The email’s details have been changed in my account. I don’t believe in embarrassing people, especially since I’ve made so many mistakes myself. Client email problem The problem started when my friend sent a […]