Marketing wealth management to women with Charlotte Beyer

You know that women present an attractive audience for your wealth management or other financial services. “Women with Wallets,” a chapter of Charlotte Beyer’s Wealth Management Unwrapped: Unwrap What You Need to Know & Enjoy the Present, made me think about how you should market to women. Her book targets your potential clients instead of […]

Avoid long introductory clauses, or lose readers

You want to give your readers all the information they need to understand your message. This sometimes prompts you to write long introductory clauses. Please stop. Or, at least rein in your impulse. Those long introductory clauses often make it hard for readers to grasp your main point. I like how Harold Evans, author of Do […]

What if your article has 5 points, but 1 is a digression?

Imagine that you have five important points to make in an article, quarterly commentary, or white paper. Four of the points hang together. The fifth point is a digression. It doesn’t have much to do with the other four points. How can you best manage your oddball point? Solution 1. Delete your digression In the […]

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Top posts from 2017’s fourth quarter

Check out my top posts from the last quarter! They’re a mix of practical tips on grammar (#1), writing (#2, #9, #10), investment commentary (#3), client communication (#4 & #5), newsletters (#6), and blogging (#7, #8). Post #1 sparked a lot of reader feedback when it headlined one of my monthly newsletters. My readers tend to […]

Abbreviation: U.S. or US for United States?

A client used to abbreviate the United States as U.S. and the United Kingdom as UK. The inconsistency drove me batty. I couldn’t find a reason for that disparity. But it made me wonder, what are the rules for how one should abbreviate the United States? What style guides say The 2017 AP Stylebook uses […]