Process Checklist

Managing magazine articles

As you may know, I edit a monthly magazine for financial advisors. I’m typically juggling tasks for several issues of the magazine at one time. In case you’re struggling with a similar project—for example, managing a multi-contributor blog—I’m sharing my checklist for each issue of the magazine. I create a checklist that lists all of […]

Buckle down to writing with a virtual stranger!

Buckle down to writing with a virtual stranger!

It’s not easy to focus on writing when you’re a busy financial professional with many other demands on your time. That’s why I’ve suggested techniques such as finding a writing buddy, using a 15-minute timer, or following a structured writing process broken into small steps (see my financial blogging book for details) to jump-start your […]

lemonade from lemons

Lemonade from lemons for your writing

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” That’s a well-known expression attributed to writer Elbert Hubbard, as well as to writer Dale Carnegie and businessman Julius Rosenwald. As you know, it means that you should make the most of adversity. You can even turn it into an opportunity. You can apply this message to your […]

MM d no d

MISTAKE MONDAY for August 26: Can YOU spot what’s wrong?

Can you spot what’s wrong in the image below? Please post your answer as a comment. This one may leap out at you.       I post these challenges to raise awareness of the importance of proofreading. NOTE: As of September, Mistake Monday will only be published once a month, on the last Monday […]

Bad images hurt credibility

Bad images hurt credibility

Words aren’t the only thing that matter in using publications to build your credibility as a financial expert. Visuals matter, too. If your publication’s images aren’t consistent with its text, they’ll sap your credibility. Examples of credibility sappers At the simplest level, the mistake could be an article that talks about a four-step process, but […]