Make your clients smile, while you stay safe from lawyers

Making a client smile can bring your meeting one step closer to a successful result.  So, consider licensing a cartoon about the economy or stock market. It’s easy to find them by searching, a collection from the New Yorker.  Could you use the cartoon described by the following caption? “I got out of tulips […]

"Writing Effective E-Mail: Top 10 Tips"

You can’t be an effective financial advisor, if you can’t communicate effectively via e-mail. Your e-mail subject line is key. If you write a weak subject line, your client or colleague may ignore or even delete your message. Write a strong one, and you’re more likely to get the response you need. “Writing Effective E-Mail: […]

Get to the point quickly, or lose your web readers

“Web content must be brief and get to the point quickly, because users are likely to be on a specific mission.” I agree with this assertion by Jakob Nielsen, a guru of website usability, in “Writing Style for Print vs. Web.”  Nielsen gives good pointers for web writing in “How Users Read on the Web.”  […]

"Ten Speech Tips for Writing Powerful and Persuasive Presentations"

“Always work out what you want to achieve before beginning the speech process,” says author Thomas Murrell in “Ten Speech Tips for Writing Powerful and Persuasive Presentations.” The same rule applies to your written communications. Figure out your goal ahead of time. Then focus on achieving it. Weed out any content that distracts. _________________Susan B. Weiner, […]

Add Bloomberg video to your blog

Financial advisors, here’s a cool new widget that may appeal to your video-oriented clients. Click on the “Get Widget” box to get the code for adding this to your blog or website. I discovered this widget on the Investment Postcards from Capetown blog. _________________Susan B. Weiner, CFAInvestment Writing Writing that’s an investment in your success […]