“Stop Sending ‘Dear Valued Client’ Emails”

When you address your correspondence to “Dear Valued Client,” you send the wrong message. It says you don’t care enough to personalize your message. So, check out the email solutions described in “Stop Sending ‘Dear Valued Client’ Emails” by Bill Winterberg on his FP Pad blog. He suggests using a service like Constant Contact, which […]

Do financial blogs make a difference?

Financial blogs have multiplied like crazy. But are they worth reading? When I researched “Investment Strategy Blogs Slow to Influence Advisors,” I found that financial advisors aren’t paying much attention to blogs. However, in some cases, investment strategy blogs affect advisors’ buy and sell decisions or help them refine their thinking or their client communications. […]

Vary your paragraph length like NYT columnist Floyd Norris

It can be painful to read a page full of long sentences and longer paragraphs. That’s why, when I teach “How to Write Investment Commentary that People Will Read,” I suggest that people vary the length of their sentences and paragraphs. New York Times columnist Floyd Norris illustrates this nicely in the print version of […]

Morningstar’s new bond market commentary is an online "Don’t"

Morningstar has introduced monthly bond market commentary.  The August 2008 issue of Morningstar Bond Market Commentary has many nice features. But it also illustrates an important “Don’t” of online publishing. The commentary is almost impossible to read online. Why? Because it’s formatted in three columns instead of one.  The bottom line:If you want people to […]

"Why the Big Company Financial Brands Don’t Work Any More"

I’ve worked for a big financial company, so I was interested to read “Why the Big Company Financial Brands Don’t Work Any More.” Blogger Dan Taylor says, “The value of the big brands in fading.  No one under 40 gives a hoot whether their money is at Merrill [Lynch] or in Moab.” The implication is […]