Website demystifies confusing words

NOTE: The Confusing Words website no longer exists.  Try searching  the Common Errors in English Usage website. Or, search in Google for the confusing pair, for example, “capitol vs. capital” to check if you’re right. The Confusing Words website clarifies the differences between sets of two or more frequently confused words. Visit it when you’re […]

If you’re a financial advisor considering LinkedIn and other social networking

Is social networking right for you?  You could easily spend hours participating in LinkedIn, Twitter or even funkier sites and services. They’re not all worth your investment of time. You can research your options following the steps in “Three Factors to Consider Before Jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon” (free registration may be required to […]

"Should you use quotes like PIMCO’s Bill Gross?"

If you don’t subscribe to my e-newsletter, you missed “Should you use quotes like PIMCO’s Bill Gross?”  This article appeared exclusively in my e-newsletter and provided advice on how to use one of Gross’ investment commentary techniques.

Useful quarter-end fact from The Wall Street Journal

Here is a useful tidbit for your quarterly investment commentary from the June 28-29 issue of The Wall Street Journal: Bear markets average 14 months and recover within a year of their bottom, according to Sam Stovall of S&P in “What to Do to Survive This Market” The 14-month average is also cited in “Dow […]

Time to invest in frontier market stocks

“If you remember China 20 years ago, you get a sense of the potential for frontier markets today.”  This quote from Larry Speidell, chief investment officer of Frontier Market Asset Management, kicks off my article on “Time to invest in frontier market stocks?” in Advisor Perspectives. Are YOU ready to invest in frontier market stocks? […]