Can you help your clients to control their fears?

The Intelligent Investor’s column on “How to Control Your Fears in a Fearsome Market” inspired this blog post. Author Jason Zweig lists four techniques that individuals can use to manage the stress they feel when the market tanks. You might be able to apply some of them in your conversations with clients. For example, consider […]

"Social Media in Plain English"

Why all the fuss about blogs and other social media? The video at “Social Media in Plain English” shows how tapping the wisdom of crowds using social media can benefit a company. It conveys ideas at a “big picture” level. There’s no road map to applying the ideas. It doesn’t even get into the specifics […]

How to boost your website’s rank in Internet searches

Use keywords well and you boost the odds that potential clients will find you in their Internet searches. “Fifteen places you must place your Keyword Phrase and the why behind it” provides some helpful hints. At a minimum, make sure the person putting up your website knows the “behind the scenes” tricks for placing keywords.  […]

What Jason Zweig does right–and wrong–in his inaugural column

“Stop Worrying, and Learn to Love the Bear.” I love the title of Jason Zweig’s inaugural “The Intelligent Investor” column for The Wall Street Journal. With this title, Zweig follows advice I give to writers of investment commentary. He takes something that’s viewed as negative and finds the positive side. That’s a great way to […]

Website demystifies confusing words

NOTE: The Confusing Words website no longer exists.  Try searching  the Common Errors in English Usage website. Or, search in Google for the confusing pair, for example, “capitol vs. capital” to check if you’re right. The Confusing Words website clarifies the differences between sets of two or more frequently confused words. Visit it when you’re […]