Advice from the SEC’s expert on plain English

The SEC has tapped William Lutz to lead its “21st Century Disclosure Initiative.” In honor of his appointment, here’s his “Rules for Writing Plain English: How You Can Write Plain Language by Just Following These 39 Steps” (2018 update: sorry, but his article is no longer available on the website of the Plain Language Association […]

2008 World Wealth Report out from Merrill Lynch and Cap Gemini

The 2008 edition of the annual World Wealth Report is now available. If you’re evaluating your firm’s business strategy, the report’s “Spotlight: Wealth Management Firms Adapt to Meet Unique Needs of Growth Markets” will interest you.

E-mail tips from Seth Godin

The email checklist at Seth Godin’s blog starts out with some good tips on slimming your email distribution list. I also liked his suggestion of asking whether your email is important enough that you’d spend the price of a postage stamp on it. I’m glad that Erika Dreifus’ Practicing Writing blog sent me to this […]

The changing world of mutual fund distribution

Mutual fund distribution sure has changed since my days as a staff reporter for Dalbar’s Mutual Fund Market News (now Money Management Executive) back in the 1990s. Darlene DeRemer‘s presentation on “U.S. Retail Distribution Trends” at the NICSA General Membership Meeting on June 23 drove home that point. Here are some of the key changes […]

Shifting emphasis at mutual fund distributors

The rising importance of fund selection units at broker/dealers (B/Ds) was reflected in the June 23 NICSA General Membership Meeting‘s panel on “The Distribution Road Ahead and Back,” chaired by Marty Griffin, director of sales operations for Pioneer Funds Distributor. Mutual fund distributors are ramping up their efforts to satisfy those units. For example, two-and-a-half […]