The charitable trust that’s best in a low-interest rate environment

Now is a great time to create a charitable lead trust, assuming it would further your client’s estate planning goals. That’s according to Nadia Yassa, Director of Estate and Gift Planning for the Boston Foundation. She spoke on “Tax Benefits of Charitable Trusts” to the Boston Security Analysts Society on May 13. Why now? Because […]

"The Client Relationship Autopsy"

You’ve probably lost at least one client. But rather than chalk it up as inevitable, try to learn why your client left you. “The Client Relationship Autopsy” proposes a process consisting of: Talking to your team Talking to your client Preparing a report “The process will help you choose wisely when it comes to adding […]

Thank you, Boston Women in Finance!

Members of Boston Women in Finance made my experience enjoyable when I presented my one-hour workshop on “How to Write What People Will Read about Investments” yesterday. Here’s some of their feedback on my presentation: “Although brief, packed with very useful takeaways!” “Susan was able to fit in an hour what people spend days learning […]

Use personal stories in your communications

“In a sea of competition, you’ve got to capitalize on what makes you unlike anyone else.” This advice from “Feel Great Naked: Confidence Boosters for Getting Personal” is aimed at bloggers. The author urges them to share personal stories. But it also applies to financial advisors, especially solo practitioners or small firms, when you communicate […]

Morningstar Market Barometer, 2003-2007

Want to show your clients how equity styles and sectors perform differently over time? The newly released 2-page Market Barometer from Morningstar can help.