"101 Five-Minute Fixes to Incrementally Improve Your Web Site"

“Stress benefits. Ensure that your copy always shows users exactly how your site will benefit them.” That’s fix number 4 of “101 Five-Minute Fixes to Incrementally Improve Your Web Site” and it’s a good one. If the people who visit your website don’t find benefits, rather than just features, they’re likely to flee. But fixing […]

Take the rancor out of divvying up an estate

You’ve probably seen family members fight or sulk over the disposition of personal possessions after a loved one passes away. Estate planning and elder law attorney Susan J. Shipley‘s article below describes a website that may reduce the pain. Have you used eDivvyup.com? Please comment on your experience. Web Site Aims to Take the Rancor […]

Podcasts from CFA Institute Annual Conference

The CFA Institute’s Annual Conference in Vancouver attracted record attendance. Now, you can listen to podcasts of some of the speakers, if you’ve paid for a Total Access membership in the CFA Institute. As of May 29, you can listen to: Building a Global Equity Portfolio by Lawrence S. Speidell Prediction Markets: The Collective Knowledge […]

Should you use "Track Changes" as you edit articles?

Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes” feature highlights insertions and deletions that different people make in your document. Should you use it as you get input on your article, white paper, investment commentary or other piece? I like my clients to use Track Changes to show me their edits. But I prefer to turn it off on […]

How to get a portfolio manager’s attention, and other email tips from an investment marketing consultant

It’s not easy getting portfolio managers to open your emails. That’s why investment marketing consultant Jen Dunning sometimes writes her email subject lines completely in capital letters. “INVESTMENT COMMENTARY – PLEASE APPROVE BY JUNE 30” grabs the reader’s attention where a meeker “Please approve by June 30” would not. Note that she puts her key […]