Writing Sample: "Don’t Get Stuck Paying Extra Taxes"

The subject line “Don’t Get Stuck Paying Extra Taxes” compelled me to open the e-mail. That’s the power of a subject line that tells the reader “what’s in it for me.” I opened the latest e-newsletter from Westchester Mortgage even though I was pretty sure I’m not making any dumb tax mistakes with my house. […]

"Is Spelling Overrated?"

Direct marketing guru Bob Bly recently asked “Is Spelling Overrated?” on his blog. I don’t think so. Good spelling won’t win over new clients. But sentences rife with misspellings may make the reader wonder if you’re similarly sloppy with their money. It’s one thing to have typos in the quick emails you send to your […]

Tips for writing case studies

Case studies can be powerful tools for the wealth management professionals who’re allowed to use them. A case study typically starts with a presentation of a client problem–something that’s causing the client pain. The problem is followed by the solution, and then the client results. When prospective clients recognize themselves in the problem, you’ve grabbed […]

Why baby boomers will NOT offer a gold mine for financial services

If your business strategy depends heavily on Baby Boomer-driven rapid growth in the number of retirees, it’s time to re-think your approach. That’s according to “The Baby Boomer Retirement Fallacy and What It Means to You,” which appears on a blog on the Harvard Business Publishing website. Over the next 25 years, the number of […]

Feeling emotionally connected to your client can cut both ways

Feeling a connection with your clients can be a double-edged sword. It can fuel your personal satisfaction. It can also lead to burnout. This is according to”Financial Feeling: An Investigation of Emotion and Communication in the Workplace,”an academic study by Katherine I. Miller and Joy Koesten, which appeared in the Journal of Applied Communication Research. […]