Annuities gathering steam in professional journals

Annuities may be picking up steam among fee-only financial planners and investment advisors. According to a press release from the Financial Planning Association: Despite their tarnished reputation due to sleazy sales tactics, high expenses and weaker investment performance compared with mutual funds, popular variable annuities (VA) with “living benefit” riders may still be a sound […]

More options for mind mapping

Some of the participants in my “How to Write Investment Commentary that People Will Read” presentation say that learning mind mapping is one of the best parts of the program. It makes them feel they can organize their thoughts better before sitting down to write. I recently learned about more web-based mind mapping tools that […]

My new blog is coming soon!

When I launched my blog under the SusanCFA name, I wasn’t sure if blogging was more than a flash in the pan. Now that it’s here to stay, I’m re-launching my blog under a name that ties in with my website at What do you think of my new blog’s look? Do you have […]