The compliance-constrained advisor’s guide to LinkedIn, Part II: Status updates

Your LinkedIn status updates are powerful reminders of your existence to clients, prospects, and referral sources. You can use them in ways that even compliance officers can love.

My top three suggestions are to use materials that are already compliance-approved, share your professional interests, and share your professional interests.

1. Use compliance-approved materials
Every firm has materials that are approved for use with the general public. It could be your quarterly investment commentary, a newsletter, or even a brochure. Take advantage of this information by writing about it in your status update line.

You can say something as bland as “Check out our 2nd quarter market commentary at http://…” or spice it up by asking a provocative question and following the question with a link. Check with your compliance officer to learn how much you can say without raising his or her anxiety.

2. Share your professional interests

You can mention professional meetings that you’re attending or topics that you’re reading about. 

Let’s say you’re trying to attract clients with complex estate planning needs. Your prospects will probably feel reassured to learn that you’re reading journal articles and attending panels on these topics. Your update about an upcoming event may lead to your referral source setting an appointment to meet you there.

You can also share company news, such as the hiring of a new relationship manager or the debut of a new product.

3. Share your personal interests

People like to do business with people whom they like. Share your volunteer interests, hobbies, or even something that makes you smile. It’ll help people to develop a connection with you.

Compliance note: For more on the compliance aspects of social media, check out Bill Winterberg’s excellent article in the Journal of Financial Planning, accessible to members only. Chad Bockius’ “LinkedIn Compliance Self-Assessment” focuses on compliance for registered reps. Both articles point to the importance of monitoring and archiving social media activity.

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  1. Bill Winterberg, CFP®
    Bill Winterberg, CFP® says:


    Thank you for linking my article in the Journal of Financial Planning. There are just 11 days left for non-members to view it for free!

  2. Susan Weiner, CFA
    Susan Weiner, CFA says:

    I hope they hurry over to read–and print out–your article. It's worth their investment of time.

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