Tip for how to connect with your workshop attendees

Advisors, you can deepen your connection with folks who attend your investment or financial planning workshops using a technique I observed at the Financial Planning Association of Massachusetts annual conference on May 7.

Consultant Shari Harley, whom I wrote about in “How to improve your financial planning client relationships,” handed out postcards to her audience. There’s nothing unusual about that. But what she said next grabbed my attention.

Harley asked us to write on the postcard (shown in the photo above) at least one thing that we learned from her presentation that we’d like to apply. Then she promised to mail the postcards to us in one month, if we dropped them off on our way out of the auditorium.

I like Harley’s postcard idea because

  1. Her question spurs the audience to think about what was most valuable in her presentation.
  2. She gains valuable feedback when participants hand in their cards.
  3. She reminds potential clients of her existence–with their permission–when they receive their cards one month later.
  4. If audience members haven’t acted on their goals by the time they receive the cards, they may say, “I need a consultant to help me act on this.”

This postcard technique should work nicely as follow-up to any sort of financial seminar or workshop.
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5 replies
  1. Russ
    Russ says:

    Brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing this, Susan.

    Makes we want to find a speaking gig just so I can try it.

  2. Susan Weiner, CFA
    Susan Weiner, CFA says:

    Thanks, Russ.

    I'm mulling over what text should go on the postcard that I design for trying this technique myself.

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