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Top posts from 2017’s first quarter

Top posts on InvestmentWriting.comCheck out my top posts from the first quarter!

They’re a mix of practical tips on investment commentary (#1), marketing (#2, 3), public relations (#4, 7), writing (#1, 5, 10), email (#6, 7), and blogging (#8, 9).

My post about words to avoid (#1) seemed to resonate the most with readers. It also spurred comments suggesting more words to avoid. I was surprised that I didn’t receive angry comments from fans of technical language. Perhaps that’s because I said that “Some jargon is okay if your communications go exclusively to other investment professionals.”

I must thank my gym for its contribution to this top 10 list. “Words to avoid” was inspired by watching CNBC on the elliptical machine. Some words are okay there because CNBC targets investing geeks. But those same words will puzzle regular folks. “Marketing lesson” discusses my gym’s smart handling of an annoying problem.

Here’s my list of posts that attracted the most views during the first quarter.

  1. Words to avoid in your investment communications with regular folks
  2. Marketing lesson from clashing clocks
  3. 10-minute boosts for your financial content marketing
  4. Financial PR opportunities for professionals—and they’re free
  5. 20 ways to organize a story
  6. Personalized subject lines can backfire in emails
  7. Quit sending press releases as attachments!
  8. 4 reasons learning to blog helps CFA charterholders
  9. 5 ways blog posts are like tulips
  10. When do you push proper usage on your writing clients?