Take the rancor out of divvying up an estate

You’ve probably seen family members fight or sulk over the disposition of personal possessions after a loved one passes away. Estate planning and elder law attorney Susan J. Shipley‘s article below describes a website that may reduce the pain.

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Web Site Aims to Take the Rancor Out of Dividing Up an Estate

Dividing up family heirlooms after the death of a loved one can be a difficult business. Wills often deal only with financial assets, not personal possessions. The resulting infighting between family members over who gets which personal item can damage relationships for years to come.

Now there is a web site that may help families avoid acrimony and make the process of dividing up possessions in an estate easier. The site, eDivvyup, allows family members (and friends of the deceased) to divide up a relative’s personal estate using an auction platform similar to eBay’s. The estate’s executor gives family members non-monetary points which they can use to bid on estate items that can be listed and pictured on the site. Bids reflect a family member’s desire to own an item. eDivvyup seems particularly well-suited for families that are geographically dispersed, as many are.

The cost of the service is $49 to list 50 items. Additional item listings can be purchased as needed. For more information, go to: www.eDivvyup.com.

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  1. David
    David says:

    Hi, eDivvyUp is no longer available. FairSplit.com has a comprehensive but simple approach that allows division of personal property using both Emotional Value and Monetary Value in a creative way to include all parties using the online platform to list and divide assets in death, divorce and downsizing. Would love to work with families to help keep the peace and get through the process quickly.

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