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Top posts from 2019’s second quarter

Check out my top posts from the second quarter!

They’re a mix of practical tips on compliance (#1, #6), writing (#2, #3, #5, #7, #8), proofreading (#4), grammar (#9), and newsletter (#10).

I’m only listing one Mistake Monday post, although more were among the most viewed, because one Mistake Monday post is much like the others. Check out my Mistake Monday posts if you’d like to improve your proofreading skills!

My posts that attracted the most views during 2019’s second quarter

  1. 6 tips to keep your compliance officers happy—This post drew on contributions from many of my colleagues in the fields of writing and marketing.
  2. Stay the same or evolve?
  3. Change your writing for the better
  4. MISTAKE MONDAY for May 6: Can YOU spot what’s wrong?
  5. Professional writers vs. amateur writers
  6. Marketer’s perspective on investment marketing compliance—This guest post was written in reaction to my compliance post in the #1 spot.
  7. Top posts from 2019’s first quarter
  8. Must you be inspired to write?—All of the respondents to the poll in this article said that they don’t need to be inspired to write. I suspect that most of them are professional writers or have writing as an important component of their jobs. Here are a couple of comments: “If I waited for inspiration, I might never meet a deadline!” and “I’m a content creator who has to write daily, whether I’m inspired or not.”
  9. Limit your use of the progressive tense
  10. Pick your e-newsletter sender name carefully