top posts for 2Q 2108

Top posts from 2020’s first quarter

Check out my top posts from the first quarter!

They’re a mix of practical tips on communication (#1, #5), writing (#2, #4) and grammar (#3).

#1 and #5, a guest post by Andy McMorrow, both discuss  how advisors can communicate effectively during a time of crisis like the current pandemic.

My posts that attracted the most views during 2020’s first quarter

  1. Financial communications during the coronavirus crisis
  2. How to achieve continuity in your writing
  3. MISTAKE MONDAY for January 27: Can YOU spot what’s wrong?
  4. Tips for managing author approvals—Managing author approvals can challenge the patience of financial writers and marketers. The process can be equally distressing for authors, if it’s not done well.
  5. Everything old is new again in advisor communications