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Top posts from 2019’s fourth quarter

Check out my top posts from the fourth quarter!

They’re a mix of practical tips on writing (#1, #3, #4), blogging (#2), and grammar (#5).

I got a thrill out of Bryan Garner, the inspiration for the #1 post, retweeting it. He’s an expert on writing and proper usage of the English language.Bryan Garner tweet No brevity without substance

My #2 and #3 posts were included in Michael Kitces’ weekly round-ups of must-read articles for financial advisors, as I noted on my “In the News” page.

My posts that attracted the most views during 2019’s fourth quarter

  1. No brevity without substance, please
  2. Insecure about blogging? Write a letter
  3. Picture one person your work will help
  4. Avoid embarrassment by hiring knowledgeable writers
  5. MISTAKE MONDAY for October 28: Can YOU spot what’s wrong?