Email and the mystery of the missing agreement

“Where’s my contract?” A friend’s question about his missing contract inspired this post about the value of structuring your emails properly. The email’s details have been changed in my account. I don’t believe in embarrassing people, especially since I’ve made so many mistakes myself. Client email problem The problem started when my friend sent a […]

fixed-income commentary

Who are the fixed-income commentary winners–and why?

Learning about new sources of fixed-income commentary was the biggest benefit of running my survey about “Who writes the best fixed-income commentary?” (see the original survey, which is still open for comments). You’ll find the recommendations of my industry connections below. The survey also showed me what financial professionals think makes fixed-income commentary great. I’m […]

white paper

Top 5 financial white paper mistakes that sabotage your results

I’ve seen many white papers fail to attract and educate readers. That’s often because they make the top five financial white paper mistakes. 1. They discuss a topic, not a problem. Bad white papers fail to identify a point and to proceed toward it. In contrast, the best white papers tackle a problem—and offer a […]

great investment content

Who’s writing the great investment content?

Content is king. Asset managers increasingly agree with this statement. But many lack the resources to write great investment content. My gut feeling about this was reinforced by the results of a survey conducted by the Mutual Fund Education Alliance and Back Bay Communications. One finding, according to the press release: Less than a quarter […]

blog naming and branding

Naming your financial blog–Is it necessary?

“Does my blog need a name?” Typically my answer is “no,” but there are cases when naming your financial blog can pay off. Answer the questions below to understand whether your blog needs a name. Question 1. Is your blog separate from your company’s website? If  your blog is separate from your company’s website, then […]