What’s too long for a blog post?

What’s too long for a blog post? I stirred up a lively conversation when I posted this question on social media earlier this year. I asked because I’d drafted a 2,400-word blog post. That’s unusual for me. My natural length seems to be 400 to 600 words, although I’ve written longer. As I expected, there’s […]

books to blog posts

4 tips for turning books into blog posts

The books you read can provide fodder for your blog posts. You don’t have to write a boring book report like an elementary school student. Use the four techniques I describe below to punch up your book‑related blog posts so they attract, inform, and entertain your readers. 1. Highlight one quote from the book Pick […]

Chronique d'Ernoul et de Bernard le Trésorier - caption: 'Crusaders besieging Damascus'

My financial writing crusade

“Are you on a crusade?” A reader asked me that question with a smile after he read the Barron’s article that quoted me on the need for financial writers to lower the grade level of their writing. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll probably say the answer is “Yes, I am on […]