controversial topic discussion

Controversial topic spurs LinkedIn discussion

One of my LinkedIn Pulse posts on a controversial topic received 34 comments in less than two days. It also received 33 likes and more than 200 views in that period. That floored me. The comment-spurring post was “Periods: One space or two at the end of a sentence?” It’s a topic that spurs strong […]

flowchart for financial article

What if my financial article has too many examples?

Examples are great additions to your financial article or white paper. They make your points come alive, convincing your readers of your main points. However, your financial white paper can have too many examples. For example, imagine an article that has 20 bullet-pointed examples of how a retirement account might help investors. I doubt readers […]

clickbait in financial e-newsletters

Financial e-newsletters, kill your annoying, weak clickbait!

Some financial e-newsletters drive me crazy. I click to open them and find nothing there. Well, not nothing, but just enough to annoy the heck out of me. If you’re doing what these newsletters do, please stop. The most annoying habit of financial e-newsletters that I actually open If I actually open a financial e-newsletter, […]

manage writing by committee

Infographic: Manage writing by committee

Are you frustrated by the challenges of managing writing by committee? If you need to get ideas and approval from multiple sources for your investment and wealth management communications, you can benefit from the six tips in my infographic. Make your life easier by trying something new!

index investor graph

Market commentary for index investors

Market commentary is an important client communication and marketing tool for investment and wealth managers. Making predictions can be particularly powerful, as I said in “Are financial predictions too risky?” But what if you’re in the camp of index investors—or similar strategies, such as evidence-based investing—or if you simply don’t believe in market timing? You […]