My suspicion about “best” lists

I’m grateful to be named occasionally to “best” lists that circulate via social media. I’m also a bit suspicious. I imagine that many of the list creators are sincere. I get that sense, especially when they don’t describe me with a blurb drawn word for word from my website. On the other hand, I suspect […]

typing word repetition

Word repetition—good or bad?

“Can I repeat this word throughout my report, or is it better to mix things up?” That’s a question I hear sometimes. Many people think that repetition is bad. I like the following quote from Roger Rosenblatt in Unless It Moves the Human Heart: The Craft and Art of Writing: Read Hemingway’s short stories, where he […]

Writing for financial experts

How should you tailor your financial writing for experts like institutional investors or financial professionals? I have many gut feelings about what you should do. But this time I’m drawing on other people’s research. Nielsen Norman Group (NNG) performs great research about how people read on the web. NNG’s Hoa Loranger and Kate Meyer discuss […]

Catch e-newsletter non-openers with this technique

Do you feel disappointed when some of your e-newsletter subscribers fail to open your newsletters? It happens to everybody. The average “open” rate for financial e-newsletters is about 18%, according to Constant Contact. I’ve learned a technique that has boosted my open rates significantly in two tests. First, I increased the open rate on one […]

Quit underlining headings in your documents!

Underlining headings in your written documents used to be common. That’s no longer true, especially because underlined text now leads people to expect hyperlinks. Underlining headings dates back to the days of typewriters. As Practical Typography says, Underlining is another dreary typewriter habit. Typewriters had no bold or italic styling. So the only way to […]