applause for a great guest blogger

How to be a great guest blogger

Providing guest posts for other people’s blogs is a great way to raise your visibility. I’ve discussed how to snare these opportunities in “How to guest-blog on personal finance and investments, Part I: Your approach” and “Part II: Blogs that accept guest posts from financial advisors.” However, your responsibilities don’t end once you’ve sold the […]

index-card approach to writing

Index-card approach to writing

The index-card approach to writing had me sprawled out on the floor while writing my Ph.D. thesis. I was arranging the index cards with my notes so I could turn them into sentences, paragraphs, and chapters that made sense. You’re probably not writing a dissertation. You’re probably not even taking notes on index cards. But […]

ready for guests, including guest bloggers

8 ways to find guest bloggers for your financial blog

Sometimes it’s good to invite a guest to share the spotlight on your blog. Guest bloggers help you Meet new readers when your guests’ followers visit your blog Deepen your relationships with your guests who’ll feel grateful for the exposure, especially if you promote their guest posts on social media and elsewhere (I include my […]

5 ways to add personality to your financial writing

Infographic: 5 Ways to Add Personality to Your Financial Writing

Want your financial writing to stand out? Use the tips in my infographic, “5 Ways to Add Personality to Your Financial Writing.” For more details on adding personality and warmth to your writing, read parts one and two of my two-part blog post. For real-life practice in adding personality to your financial writing, sign up […]

timer for busting your writer's block

15 minutes to busting your writer’s block

Do you ever struggle to start your writing projects? I do. Although I’m a demon about completing my projects on time, sometimes writer’s block slows me. When that happens, sometimes a tool that I bought at a dollar store in Montreal comes to my rescue. It’s a kitchen timer. Set a timer to bust your […]