Financial crisis will change client reporting, according to Credit Suisse executive

In response to my question about how the current financial crisis will impact performance measurement and reporting, Stefan Illmer, head of client reporting for Credit Suisse, said that the investment industry needs standards for client reporting.  He said he wasn’t referring to performance reporting to clients, but to a broader array of topics such as […]

Who’s hiring CFA charterholders…and other job search tips

Who’s hiring? Evergreen Investments and Leerink Swann are among those hiring, according to their representatives on a panel called “Talent Search Professionals Uncensored” at “Investing in Your Career,” a CFA Institute program held in Boston on September 23. Some firms will always hire in down- as well as up-markets, said Bob Gorog, a partner with […]

Is a global infrastructure fund right for your clients’ portfolios?

With their high returns and low correlations to other major indices over the past five years, investments in global infrastructure-toll roads, airports, utilities and the like-are attracting attention from financial advisors and new products from fund providers. But will such impressive performance continue? And, if you buy the case for this kind of investing, how […]

Do NOT hire me to ghostwrite your blog posts

I’m a professional writer who spends much of her time ghostwriting for financial professionals.  But today I’m advising you against hiring me to ghostwrite your blog posts. Top Blog Mistake #4 is “ghostwriting blog posts,” according to “GM Blog Manager Shares Top 10 Blog Mistakes and How to Avoid Them,” a MarketingSherpa interview with the […]

Resources to help you cut through investment jargon

Jargon is a barrier to your effective communication with clients. But sometimes it’s hard for you to think of a replacement for a term like “secular” that’s convenient shorthand for communication among investment professionals. Google definitions can help  You can always do a Google search to define terms that may derail your client. For example, […]