"The Top Seven B2B Communications Mistakes"

“The Top Seven B2B Communications Mistakes” offers some useful advice for investment and wealth management marketers, whether you’re targeting businesses or individuals. For example: Your content should reflect your prospects’ top concerns. “Don’t sell. Inform.” When I review investment and wealth management firms’ content, I often find it focused on them, not on their clients. […]

"Never use a fancy word when a simple one will do"

That’s the bottom line of “Why Jargon Feeds on Lazy Minds” by Scott Berkun. Moreover, he warns, “Pay attention to who uses the most jargon: it’s never the brightest. It’s those who want to be perceived as the best and the brightest, something they know they are not.” Berkun offers a list of management jargon […]

"Thought Leadership: Are You Making It or Faking It?"

Plenty of investment and wealth management firms try to distinguish themselves as so-called “thought leaders.” Many will fail. “Thought Leadership: Are You Making It or Faking It?” by Fiona Czerniawska says that clients seek: 1. Something relevant to challenges they face 2. Something new and different 3. Something that is supported by hard evidence – […]

"Relevant and useful content earns trust. And trust sells."

“Relevant and useful content earns trust. And trust sells.” I love this tag line from Bob Leonard’s Bolen Communications. It reminded me of why newsletters are so powerful. Why? Because newsletters that convey a sense of who you are–and that provide relevant and useful content–build trust. And trust sells, just as Bob Leonard says in […]

Optimism watch: "Could Bear Talk Be a Contrary Signal?"

“Doing the reverse of the crowd has often worked well,” as New York Times columnist Floyd Norris points out in “Could Bear Talk Be a Contrary Signal?“ So the fact that consumers feel unusually gloomy about the stock market, according to the Conference Board’s latest consumer confidence report, may bode well for stocks. More than […]