Guest post: “Adding Video into the Communications Mix”

Video makes a great complement to your written financial communications. This is the message I took away from the guest video post below by Samantha Allen of Investius.

Until I watched Samantha’s video, it hadn’t occurred to me that video’s short format can attract readers, so they’re willing to read publications that go into greater depth on the same topic. I’d been thinking of video as a competing format that appeals to people who prefer visual learning.

Thanks, Samantha!

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  1. Stephanie Sammons
    Stephanie Sammons says:

    Video is also a great tool for re-purposing text articles that you’ve written! If the video transcript is included you will want to change up what you say so that it’s not exact duplicate content. In addition, with video, your audience can grasp significantly more words in less time than having to read a post of those words! Most importantly your video should be as professional as possible. I’ve seen videos that actually hurt a lot more than they help from a person’s credibility standpoint!

  2. Kristin Harad CFP
    Kristin Harad CFP says:

    Great video by Samantha. Video is such a powerful tool, and it is now very easy to create. (I’ll wager that it took her just two hours to make this one.) Video makes it so much easier for a planner to connect with prospects and differentiate from competitors. It’s now one of our primary marketing tactics!

    Also, LOVE the new blog look. Congratulations Susan!

  3. Samantha Allen
    Samantha Allen says:

    Thanks for all the comments!

    I agree with Stephanie that low quality can hurt credibility. The bar is rising in terms of the quality of web video in general, so that’s something to keep in mind. And on the other hand, like Krisitin said, it can be very easy to create and relatively quick. This is why it’s important to come up with a video strategy. With such a range of quality and purposes, you must decide where you are most comfortable, what you want out of the video(s) and what you can afford.

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